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Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 You will never believe this!

Fjöldskylda Minn,

Sorry my letters are short mom hahaa! I love you! I had the most amazing week ever!!! You all seem like you're having such a great time on summer break! Enjoy it! You´ll be amazed to know that waking up early really isn´t that big of a struggle anymore! Also I think I'll just have to figure out where dad is working when I come home because I have no idea what his job is anymore! :)

This week was crazy! I got transferred! Unfortunately I won't be able to go to that woman´s baptism because I live too far away!!!

I'm in ICELAND!!! 


Its crazy! Just because of some interesting circumstances two elders got sent from Denmark over here. I was on a plane for 3 hours today. I have to try and learn Icelandic. They said for probably 3 months I´ll be here and then I'll go back to Denmark for the rest of the mission! I don't know how to speak Icelandic at all and I've only been here for maybe an hour and a half now. I'll be serving in a place called Selfoss. It's supposed to be beautiful there! This feels like the start of an incredible adventure. I have had a smile on my face for about three days straight. And like a big smile!

Elder Weese and I ended really strong in Holbæk, I love that guy! Leaving the ward was a little sad. One funny thing was that when I was passing the sacrament this mom told her little girl that I was moving and she said "awww why does the one with the funny face have to move?" I guess 6 year old girls think I make funny faces! I love being a missionary!

I don't have a lot of pics yet but I´ll try and attach some! It´s going to be incredible I can't explain how excited I am :) 

Öldungur McBride

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