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Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016 Miracles!!!

Kære Familie,

I love you Guys! I had a fantastic week! This Saturday is transfer calls, Who knows where I'll be writing from next Monday? hahaha what an adventure missions are! I love it!!

Let me get just straght to it, something incredible happened! A few weeks ago Sam wrote all excited that he had found an investigator for our mission. A little chinese woman that had visited Salt Lake came up and started talking to him and even with the language barrier he got her information and passed it to the Chinatown elders. That chinese woman lives in Denmark! It gets cooler. We thought the referral never got through to the elders that I thought would get it just off of the guess I made. Sam made sure it got through this last week and I got a call from those elders. They said they made contact with her and found out that she has been meeting with the sister missionaries! When Chinatown sent her info over, these two sisters got a golden referral. They went over and began teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ because her husband told her right before he died that she should believe in Him. They taught her the Plan of Salvation, that she'll be with her family again, and she started coming to church. She would like to be baptized in July! Sam found a lady that is getting baptized her in Denmark! Isn't that amazing?? I am still blown away! I found out last Thursday, how cool is that?

Missionary Work is so so so so cool! I can't even describe it!! I don't have a lot of time today but man I had to get that story out!

Ældste McBride

p.s. That pic was part of an early 4th of July celebration we three did haha. Elder Weese was playing the National Anthem on that electric guitar! :)

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