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Monday, January 9, 2017


Kære Familie,

Happy Birthday Cole!!! Tillykke med fødselsdagen :) I can't believe you are so old. And cool too! What the heck? I was a lot of things when I was 14 but cool was definitely not one of them! Keep it up and don't forget to be a nice guy. The world needs a bunch more nice guys!

This week was really cold! Not like really really cold but I'm a baby when it comes to cold weather! I survived though and we put together a pretty good week. I became buddies with a man from Eritrea in Africa. He doesn't speak danish and only "small english" but because we're both christians language doesn't matter. He called me his "christian friend"! Being a christian is pretty cool because it lets you make friends with people all over the world. There is a lot of power in Christ's name.

There are some days where I am tired and cold but I don't have too much too complain about. The work here in Fredericia is going amazingly and I have to be the most spoiled missionary in the mission, I have been in a car since the beginning of last march! #blessed 

We had another lesson with my pal H--- this week (I sent home a pic holding her turtle the other week) and it went great. After we had talked about what we had planned on I asked if she had time to read a chapter of the book of Mormon. She said ya and I started to open to where I thought she was around the end of 2 Nephi like page 130 or something. She responded with "I guess we can read that again" and I said "What do you mean isn't this where you're at?" "No" she replied matter of factly "I finished the whole thing." "WHAT??" I almost shouted. "Ya didn't I tell you?" she calmly answered. For the record she had not told me that! It was really funny! We're looking forward to her baptism end of January or early February!

I love you family! Hope all goes well with Isaac. He's tough he'll handle it!

Ældste McBride

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