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Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017 Lucky Number 7

Kære Familie,

I'm writing you today from my 7th area sitting next to my 13th companion. This morning I got on a train from Fredericia and rode it all the way to Copenhagen. My new area is part of the greater Copenhagen area and my ward covers the entire city. I'm really excited! My new companion is Elder Erickson. He came on his mission exactly a year after me and is a powerhouse. He will be a really strong last comp! Our area is called Taastrup and it is the only time I've ever really served in the Copenhagen area. It will be cool to experience the big city! 

My last week in Fredericia went ok. I think I kind of know how you guys feel being stuck inside. I sure hope Ike is feeling better! Elder Howes had the flu so we had to stay inside for almost 5 days straight and then take it easy the last few days before i moved. It wasn't the exact way I wanted to end the busiest area of my mission but we got the most important stuff done! I'll be traveling back there on Saturday for a baptism. That is going to be really special :) There really is not very much to do stuck inside as a missionary. 

My transfer was really easy. I got rid of a lot of stuff during my time in Fredericia so it didn't take me very long to pack. I think I set the world record for unpacking. It took about 30 minutes. I have gotten really good at moving over the past couple years! We are going to work really well here. It will be weird going from a 6 month area to a 6 week area but it will be really fun. Time is flying really fast. 

That is so cool that Cole will be a teacher next week! Good for him :) You should let him take school off when I come home! I love you guys have a good week :)

Med Kærlig Hilsen
Ældste McBride

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