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Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016 Christmas Craziness

Kære Familie,

This week has been crazy! There is a group of missionaries touring the country to perform christmas concerts and so it made transfers crazy. I'm still in Fredericia and Elder Gardner moved to a city called horsens. We're still in the same district which is awesome! We had such a good companionship. Busiest time of my mission. Now all that business is entirely up to me to handle. Because of the music tour my new companion has to stay for a while in his old area so I have a companion right now for about 10 days on a temporary split. His name is Elder Fairbanks and he's a really funny guy. He's a lot of help but since he is leaving so soon all of the planning is up to me for our area and the zone. It's a lot! Time is flying by so fast it is insane. I can't believe we're so far into December already! 

I think I'll be skyping sometime between 2-4 Danish time so I think thats like 8am your time? I'll try to figure it out a little bit better by next week! Wow I had almost forgotten about AD. That was a good chapter in our families history :) I think I'd like to ride into my wedding on those Green Machine bike things we had. 

One really fun thing was that the ward here had the Christmas party! I don't know if i told you this tradition last year but Danes hold hands with each other and walk around their christmas trees while singing christmas songs. It is really fun. I think Danes are where they got the idea for the Whos from whoville in the Grinch movie! They know how to Christmas :)

Love ya!
Ældste McBride

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